Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome Home...

So being it's the first (of many) posts on my new blog home, I thought my first project post would be....(drum roll please)... THE mini MAKE OVER HOUSE.

This dollhouse was mine as a child.  My mother (who is an occupational therapist) made it with some of her patients.  She thought that it would be great for rehabilitation.  Great for me as a kid who gets an amazing dollhouse to play with.

After years of being played with by me, my two sisters and all our friends, this little house has seen many "extreme makeovers" from various wall paper, to drawings to paint all over.

Having my own daughter now, I figured I would pass down this house to her, knowing she would have just as much fun and enjoyment as I did.  But it was definitely in much need of a face lift...

First off, I decided to paint the inside white (with some leftover house paint I had already),  but it looked way too boring.  So I changed it up by modpodging each room with scrap-booking paper.  I left the floors as is, as I wanted to leave the old drawings and scribbles that my sisters and I did as kids.

I painted the furniture white, as it was also covered in scribbles and asked ClĂ©mentine (my daughter) to choose the colors for the bedding and blankets (she of course chose pink).  I sewed some simple bed sheets, pillows and curtains with scraps of fabric already in my stash and used some vintage hankies for rugs.

My favorite part (and pretty sneaky, if I do say so myself) is the outside.  I painted the entire outside of the house with chalk board paint.  That way the kiddies can be creative - draw all over the place, wipe away and then draw all over again.

It is still a work in progress (just like my real home...but that's a story for another day), still in need of more furniture and a balcony that needs to be re-painted which I think I will use to store the chalk, but the kiddies seem to be enjoying it already.  Tinkerbell has been living comfortably in the house for sometime now, as well as some Lego pieces and trains (thanks to my son Henri).

xx tanya

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